Pierluigi Longo

Pierluigi Longo is an illustrator born in Tripoli in Libya 48 years ago, always living in Milan.
After attending art school and the European Institute of Design, starting in 1993 he began working as a freelance illustrator in both publishing and advertising. He links his imaginary to that of the successful series of noir novels written by Piero Colaprico (in the beginning together with Pietro Valpreda) initially published for Tropea publisher and republished with other publishers in the following years.
At the beginning of the 2000s the computer became the essential medium for any creative work; his ability to manipulate images and the never-ending passion for collage allow him to fine-tune the style with which he will work in the years to come.
In 2001, he joined Studio Air with illustrator Franco Brambilla and Art Director Giacomo Spazio. His first important commissions were Personae, Eni’s house organ, Il Sole 24 Ore, the monthly Abitare and D the insert of La Repubblica. Then came the first collaborations abroad with, among others, New Scientists, Courrier International, Forbes and in Italy Einaudi, Feltrinelli and Internazionale for which he designed some covers and illustrations for communication on the advent of new digital formats of the magazine. Since his birth (November 2011) and for the next three years he is a permanent collaborator of La Lettura, the Sunday cultural insert of the Corriere della Sera.
In 2016, the Institute of Advertising Self-Regulation commissions him with a series of illustrations and an animated commercial for the celebration of his 50 years.
Its the animations of the last TV commercial for the Mondadori Store and of the prestigious blog of the Financial Times “The Long Room”.
He is currently a regular contributor to La Repubblica and his Robinson cultural insert.

Shop illustration by Pierluigi Longo