Marcella Brancaforte

Eclectic illustrator collaborates with magazines, magazines and newspapers and illustrates books, covers, posters. With his latest illustrated projects he sets out on a research that explores and links the arts and activities that border, leave and return to the book: from scenic reading to puppet theater, from the “cunto” to video through images. If you are not around performing or didactic activities, you can find it in his Tuscania Laboratory where he makes drawings, canvases and ceramics even at the request of individuals.
He is contract professor of Illustration at the Fine Arts Academy of Frosinone
He has taught illustration at the Scuola del Fumetto of Milan, Fables Factory of Macerata, Lorenzo de Medici of Tuscania.
She is active in Italy and abroad with creative and illustration workshops for children and adults both individually and with the La Metaphora Association, together with Saskia Menting and Augusto Terenzi. He is the Artistic Director of the LibrImmaginari Festival in collaboration with Arci of Viterbo with Marco Trulli.

Shop Illustrations by Marcella Brancaforte

Here below some samples of her illustrations.