Cecco Mariniello has worked for several decades for publishing, as well as for the daily and periodical press.

The painting represented an artistic path started early, but taken up in a more systematic way only in relatively recent times.

It responds to the need to express oneself freely, without the constraint of a text, working for a long time, for as long as necessary, with light and color. Space is perspective and inspiration plays with individual memory and with myth, with metaphysics and affections, with the grotesque and with emotion, evoking suggestions of the great Italian figurative twentieth century tradition, filtered by a contemporary sensibility and by a poetic that inhabits the wild, but extraordinarily fertile spaces, open between the ancient and the modern.

For his works he has received many awards, including two Andersen, in 1985 and 1990, and the Steam Boat Award, in 1996. He has collaborated with the major Italian and French periodicals and is illustrator of the most important national publishing houses. At the moment he devoted himself to painting on paper with watercolors, preferring comic figures.

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