Rodariana - Invito Mostra Antonello Silverini

Rodariana – invito Mostra Antonello Silverini

| RODARIANA | Selection of illustrations for sale

In this exibition Antonello Silverini elegantly transform with his images literary ideas into actual narrative galleries, inducing the gaze to explore the distance between reading and the reader, between the work of art and its user.

The exhibition will see, together with a selection of the most loved works of the Roman illustrator, an absolute preview of a new collection of unpublished tables by Antonello Silverini inspired by the work of the great Maestro Rodari. All works in which the imagination of the illustrator and his masterful use techniques – from acrylic to pastels to collage and digital painting – seem to move in the same direction as the “Grammar of Fantasy”, each time proposing fantastic combinations aimed at a continuously renewed expressive research. The materials, like the citations, says Silverini himself, end up having a linguistic value.

Through Silverini’s work, any reductive prejudice about children’s literature and illustration for children will certainly be discouraged; through the illustrations by Antonello Silverini, you can appreciate it from the very first moment, Rodari’s imagination is immediately led to new and different rooms, giving the visitor’s gaze other invisible, familiar yet surprising movements, certainly never banal or predictable.

The images, not unlike words, are thrown into the mind at random, producing surface and depth waves, affecting the memory, the imagination, the unconscious, producing unexpected and wonderful shocks each time. (translated from italian)

PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION  – The unpublished works in the exhibition will be visible and available for purchase starting from 3/10/2020 – Illustration sold will be shipped at the end of the exibhit

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