Aprustum cultural association celebrates the 100th anniversary of Gianni Rodari with the Illustration exhibition by Antonello Silverini entitled “RODARIANA – Fantasy is not a bad wolf” which will open its doors to the public on October 2nd at the Exhibition Hall of the Norman Swabian Castle of Morano and then continue, starting from 23 October at the Aragonese Castle of Castrovillari.

On 23 October 2020, Maestro Gianni Rodari would have turned 100 years old.
Thus, to pay homage to the master and unsurpassed model of children’s literature as well as a precious inspiration for anyone who frequents literature with a heart for education in the civil coexistence of the entire human community,  Aprustum strongly wanted that, within the RADURE program of the RONZINANTE AWARD and of SPRING OF THE THEATERS, the imaginary of Gianni Rodari found expression and celebration in the works of one of the most important contemporary Italian illustrators: Antonello Silverini.
Aprustum  dedicates a RADURA to the writer of Lake Omegna who for a hundred years has spoken and talked to children and young people of all sexes and ages, has talked with their teachers, has accompanied the children themselves to become Masters. They made this tribute by involving an illustrator who elegantly transform with his images  literary ideas into actual narrative galleries, inducing the gaze to explore the distance between reading and the reader, between the work of art and its user.The exhibition will see, together with a selection of the most loved works of the Roman illustrator,  an absolute preview of a new collection of unpublished tables by Antonello Silverini inspired by the work of the great Maestro Rodari. All works in which the imagination of the  illustrator and his masterful use  techniques – from acrylic to pastels to collage and digital painting – seem to move in the same direction as the “Grammar of Fantasy”, each time proposing fantastic combinations aimed at a continuously renewed expressive research. The materials, like the citations, says Silverini himself, end up having a linguistic value.Through Silverini’s work, any reductive prejudice about children’s literature and illustration for children will certainly be discouraged; through the illustrations by Antonello Silverini, you can appreciate it from the very first moment, Rodari’s imagination is immediately led to new and different rooms, giving the visitor’s gaze other invisible, familiar yet surprising movements, certainly never banal or predictable.


The images, not unlike words, are thrown into the mind at random, producing surface and depth waves, affecting the memory, the imagination, the unconscious, producing unexpected and wonderful shocks each time.

The exhibition will be part, in addition to the RADURE program promoted by Aprustum, of the programs of the RONZINANTE AWARD and of SPRING OF THE TEATRI. Special thanks to the CALABRIA REGION which financed the project, to the MUNICIPALITY OF CASTROVILLARI, to the MUNICIPALITY OF MORANO which hosted the exhibition, to the kind collaboration of the POLLINO NATIONAL PARK and GAS POLLINO.

A special thanks goes to B17 Illustrations for organizing the exhibition.

The author:

Antonello Silverini is the first illustrator to be awarded the MAM award – Master of Art and Craft 2016, he is one of the leading illustrators of “La Lettura”, the cultural insert of Corriere della Sera. He also collaborates with Il Sole 24 Ore, La Repubblica, Panorama, The Economist and the Zanichelli publishing house.
He made the covers for Ian McEwan’s novels for Einaudi and those of Philip K. Dick for Fanucci. His is the image of the 2012 International Rome Film Festival.
In 2017 Prof Carmelo Occhipinti dedicated the volume “Antonello Silverini. What you see “included in the Horti Hesperidum Monographs series, published under the patronage of the Department of Literary, Philosophical and History of Art Studies of the” Tor Vergata “University of Rome.
Since 2019 he has been a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

Some Notes By the author Antonello Silverini

“I am not a great connoisseur of Gianni Rodari’s work. I have never been that found of children’s illustration. But on the occasion of this exhibition, in projecting and then drowing images inspired by Rodari’s literary career, I had the opportunity to read, reread and discover an ageless fantasy. And I discovered how ageless and timeless consciousness is, how unavoidable it is in wanting to tell a story. Then I thought that today Giovannino would have lost the day on the internet instead of traveling; that Little Onion would have found an electoral agreement with Lord Tomato and that on the train, sleeping on the suitcases, there would always be a child, perhaps only of another color. I thought about it but I didn’t draw it. I wanted to tell the time of a timeless author with images, to tell it as I would have liked to have it told when I was as a child. I let myself be carried away by the imagination, because as an adult I discovered I am not afraid of it. Because fantasy is not a bad wolf”


( Translated from Italian) 

 Selection of works available for purchase


The works will be viewable and purchasable from 2 October 2020. The works on display will be delivered / shipped at the end of the exhibition